leassassinirosebud1296 — Can you do a Huang Zitao inspired outfit? From EXO-M?

can you be more specific? (like what mv, photoshoot,etc.,etc.)

fly-on-paper-wings — Can you find a cheaper copy of the Nohant Love City shirt? (The one that has all of the city names on it with different Korean letters mixed in, like ㅅeoul or ㄹondon?)

someone had asked me this before and the cheapest i found all of them for was around $62-65 [link]

Anonymous — Do you have any ideas for an kpop autumn/winter outfit?

do you want any group or a specific one?

thisbunnyy sorry I sent the message by accident before finishing > <’

-so I basically use this coconut oil (any brand is fine as long as it says it’s 100% /pure)


and usually hair grows about 1/2 an inch a month but mine grows a little more than that so when I did the inversion method that one time back in august I saw it grew a little over an inch in the first week and as I started using small amounts of the coconut oil on my roots and ends alone, I could see my hair getting healthier and growing slightly faster ^^